Today healing looks like…

coming home after a long day of working and Momming and – instead of going for the salty snacks and glass of red wine I crave in times of exhaustion and stress – heading to my Zen Den to stretch, journal, meditate, and post here.

Of course, instead of celebrating this small victory, the alter ego of said past self – the overachiever – is beating myself up for not going to hot yoga. My past self has unreasonable expectations that lead to burnout and harsh self judgement. Which of course leads to things like escapist binges on food, alcohol and media.

But the person I am becoming experiences more balance and kindness. She can do stretches, put on China Gel and a heated neck wrap, do some extended child’s poses with hands on blocks to create space between her shoulder blades. She/I can take deep breaths, listen to calming music and get into a more peaceful state before having dinner with my family.

Change is possible if you keep showing up and choosing it. I am proud of myself for flowing with change.

By col

I'm a peaceful warrior, mom, nerd, & animal fan.

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