Went to Yoga and was the only one there for the 8 am class. Nowhere to hide from the teacher, the poses or myself. A couple of times I found myself panicking over the discomfort. But I survived. It’s like life. There are times when things get really funky and uncomfortable, but they pass.

Today, I experienced a lot of gratitude for my husband and children. A few times I felt my heart might explode. The simple act of witnessing my kids’ joy is so nourishing. My youngest was enjoying her world of imagination at the American Girl Doll Store in New York City. At first I dreaded the in-your-face commercialism of it all, but I quickly shifted into witnessing and appreciating her sense of wonder. Observing my husband’s open-hearted approach to the day also gave me inspiration. He always puts our kids first, catering to their emotional needs as much as their physical.

When we got home, my 14-year-old son, who is generally stoic and reticent, showed his love by agreeing to come play tennis with me. He comes to hit the ball with me whenever I ask. Even though we don’t talk much, it’s a simple way of being together that works for both of us. It is surreal to see him turning into a man before my eyes. My sweet boy is now 6 feet tall…

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I'm a peaceful warrior, mom, nerd, & animal fan.

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