Available to the grace of the universe…

One of the lessons that is finally beginning to penetrate my thick noggin is that of nonresistance. Buddhism, Deepak and Eckhart have always taught this. Let go and let God, the mantra of AA and other 12 Step groups. The point being, the entire universe has occurred to bring this moment. So don’t resist it if it’s not what you want. Yes, one’s past actions and karma contribute to the moment, which could introduce self doubt and regrets. But much, much more is at play that is out of one’s control. We are but momentary waves in a vast ocean of consciousness. To resist the present moment is to say: ocean, you are mighty and all powerful and I’m a wave within you, but I’m not up for being wet right now. You get swept away, subsumed regardless of your sentiments. So why not accept the moment?

By col

I'm a peaceful warrior, mom, nerd, & animal fan.

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