1. I’m alive

2. My breath

3. My phone and ability to post this

4. The cushions beneath me.

5. The feeling of my dog’s wet nose nuzzling on my arm

6. The sound of my daughter laughing with her friends

7. The fact that my son just called his older sister to ask for a ride. (I love that my kids have each other.)

8. My fortitude to grow and change

9. The love patience and support of my husband

10. My wonderful friends. I’m investing more in my relationships after a rough stretch of depression and isolation and it feels good.

11. My growth

12. Yoga

13. How I’m healing

14. Meditation

15. Candles

16. My family

17. My mother

18. Finding my voice

19. That I’m a professor now! 🤓

20. That I am learning how to make myself happy

21. SO GRATEFUL for my teachers

22. Grateful for my accountability partner(s) who won’t let me give up on my dreams

23. Grateful for books and all the things I’ve yet to discover and learn

24. Grateful for my students

25. Grateful for art, the stars, all of nature of which I am a part, trees especially the one in my back yard over my zen garden

By col

I'm a peaceful warrior, mom, nerd, & animal fan.

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