no thank you

I am tired of trying to satisfy so many people’s needs. I’m sorry, I am not available to take your call right now. I have a vast network of humans constantly demanding my time, attention, and energy. I know you are lonely. I know you are in need. But I simply do not have the bandwidth available to attend to you right now. i am hanging on for dear life myself. you deserve the love attention and companionship you desire. you have it in you to cultivate it yourself and to find it in a place other than me. because right now, if you haven’t noticed, i am in need myself. please don’t add to my to-do list. please do not guilt trip me. i know i can’t be guilt-tripped without allowing it myself. i am learning not to accept the guilt. i am learning to say NO THANK YOU.

By col

I'm a peaceful warrior, mom, nerd, & animal fan.

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