witnessing old patterns

last week i slid back into some old bad habits. the minute i got some new work, i abandoned my boundaries and began to disembody. for me that looks like compulsively checking work email + slack, not walking/doing yoga, not prioritizing self-care, and eating poorly.

i was aware of if, though, and made some small tweaks whenever i could. deep breaths. guided meditation. green juice. planning social events for the weekend.

i am capable of competing and working at a very competitive clip so i have a habit of going full force all the time. this is not always a great use of my energy. i know this now and i work to moderate it.

i have new opportunities emerging and i am entering this phase with greater self-awareness and self-acceptance. it can be hard and uncomfortable to assert boundaries but the more i do it the easier it gets.

i love and approve of myself.

By col

I'm a peaceful warrior, mom, nerd, & animal fan.

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