review: stutz i really enjoyed the documentary film stutz by jonah hill. if you are interested in psychotherapy and how it can assist in the healing process, i’d recommend checking it out. caveat: it is not for everyone. it’s a bit arcane, profound, and personal which is radical in our era of homogenized spectacle and pablum,… Continue reading review: stutz

6. How can I transcend my thoughts today?

6. How can I transcend my thoughts today? This is my focus. My teacher says: “I have a body and a mind, but I am not my body and my mind.” I believe this, or rather I know it. Just saying the phrase settles me. The whirling chaos in my mind, the narrative of pain,… Continue reading 6. How can I transcend my thoughts today?

Why do I want to heal? (How do I wish to live?)

I wish to live freely, consciously, and with ease. I wish to live according to my own choices NOT according to unconscious childhood and cultural programming and reactivity. I value happiness, which I define as ease, health, humor, grace, love, sharing, compassion, creativity, effort, ambition … (moral ambition), and the will to uplift self and… Continue reading Why do I want to heal? (How do I wish to live?)

10 Questions: How Can I Heal?

1. What is healing? 2. Why do I want to heal? (How do I wish to live?) 3. What support do I have TODAY? (Gratitude practice) 4. How can I enjoy nature today? 5. How can I care for my body today? 6. How can I transcend my thoughts today? 7. How can I change… Continue reading 10 Questions: How Can I Heal?

the five kleshas

according to patanjali, the five kleshas are the five obstacles to yoga … the state of peace and union. my teacher talks about them often, and i can certainly see them at play in my own life. The obstacles are: 1) lack of knowledge (or understanding)2) egoism3) attachment4) aversion and 5) fear I’m sure i… Continue reading the five kleshas


i’ve been in a life transition for a few years and have struggled to get over the hump. i have found myself repeatedly going back to the old, despite knowing it’s time to release it and move forward. earlier this week i met with an energy healer who did a “soul DNA” scan. i was… Continue reading doris


i have been so externally focused for most of my life … i thought it was my job to regulate my parents’ wildly fluctuating emotions and moods as a child. when i (inevitably) failed to stop their dysfunction, i blamed myself. this hypervigilance and self-blaming and shaming became ingrained and followed me into adulthood. yesterday… Continue reading rejection