3. What support do I have TODAY? (Gratitude practice)

Gratitude is a biggie. I used to think of it as anodyne … something cheezy that Oprah tells us to “journal” about. The cynic in me thought gratitude was used to encourage people to be complacent … and accept their lot in life, for better or for worse. I was so unhappy and unhealthy when… Continue reading 3. What support do I have TODAY? (Gratitude practice)


Santosha (skt. संतोष saṃtoṣa) literally means “contentment, satisfaction”.[1][2] It is also an ethical concept in Indian philosophy,[3] particularly Yoga, where it is included as one of the Niyamas by Patanjali.[4] exhale. today was a lovely day. i stayed in my body. i told myself many times over: “i love and approve of myself.” i spent time with my mother and brother and was not… Continue reading Santosha