How can I care for my body today?

I care for my body in a much different way than I did five years ago. Back then, I went to extremes. I got up at 5:30 am to squeeze in a 6 am cross-training class before my 7:19 am train to the city. Burpees, push-ups, squats, situps, planks, and things of that nature. After… Continue reading How can I care for my body today?

Why do I want to heal? (How do I wish to live?)

I wish to live freely, consciously, and with ease. I wish to live according to my own choices NOT according to unconscious childhood and cultural programming and reactivity. I value happiness, which I define as ease, health, humor, grace, love, sharing, compassion, creativity, effort, ambition … (moral ambition), and the will to uplift self and… Continue reading Why do I want to heal? (How do I wish to live?)

1. What is healing?

Healing is a trendy topic, a trendy word these days. If you spend time on #mentalhealth social media, you see the terms “healing” and “toxic” thrown around a lot. Words mean different things to different people. To me, healing means letting go of the past and taking action toward one’s vision for a good and… Continue reading 1. What is healing?

10 Questions: How Can I Heal?

1. What is healing? 2. Why do I want to heal? (How do I wish to live?) 3. What support do I have TODAY? (Gratitude practice) 4. How can I enjoy nature today? 5. How can I care for my body today? 6. How can I transcend my thoughts today? 7. How can I change… Continue reading 10 Questions: How Can I Heal?

Addicted to self help

Of all the things one can be addicted to, perhaps self help addiction is the least damaging. But like any other unconscious compulsive behavior, constant SEEKING takes us away from peace and equanimity. Powerful market forces trade on our resistance to present moment awareness and appreciation- self help is a is $13.2 billion industry. Santosha,… Continue reading Addicted to self help

the five kleshas

according to patanjali, the five kleshas are the five obstacles to yoga … the state of peace and union. my teacher talks about them often, and i can certainly see them at play in my own life. The obstacles are: 1) lack of knowledge (or understanding)2) egoism3) attachment4) aversion and 5) fear I’m sure i… Continue reading the five kleshas


i’ve been in a life transition for a few years and have struggled to get over the hump. i have found myself repeatedly going back to the old, despite knowing it’s time to release it and move forward. earlier this week i met with an energy healer who did a “soul DNA” scan. i was… Continue reading doris

I am healing

I have gotten or I am getting to the root. Sometimes it feels worse than being unconscious. But I trust it. I trust my own wisdom and my body’s wisdom about healing and my future. I see and feel my future self. She is wise, grounded, compassionate, non-reactive. She is unbothered and when a trigger… Continue reading I am healing