embodied healing

Somatic therapy is so interesting. Yesterday i had a very specific experience of it working and helping. I described the experience to my therapist and said, “This is the way.” She smiled knowingly and pointed out that I was quoting “The Mandalorian,” a show I love. 🙂  My anxiety is very strong first thing in… Continue reading embodied healing

COVID and the Four Fs of Post-Traumatic Experience

As we continue to process the time of upheaval we’ve experienced during a pandemic, this is an important time to learn about trauma and the responses… COVID and the Four Fs of Post-Traumatic Experience Great infographic about trauma responses


i started with a new therapist yesterday who specializes in somatic therapy and polyvagal theory. what i have been zeroing in on is my fawn response. i can physically pinpoint the moments when my nervous system floods with adrenaline. when it’s happening, i can basically picture what’s happening inside my body. these moments can be… Continue reading fawn

4 keys to enjoying life and being happy

Be happy for others Have compassion for those who are struggling Celebrate those who do what we do and do it better Disregard the wicked According to Patanjali and the ancient wisdom of yoga as shared by my teacher today! i received a beautiful compliment from two fellow yogis today … they thanked me for… Continue reading 4 keys to enjoying life and being happy

the loneliness of healing

i have read and heard about the loneliness of healing and now i am experiencing it. over the weekend i met up with my college friends for a mini unofficial 25-year reunion. the first day was lovely … until it devolved into heavy drinking, which made me uncomfortable and led to me withdrawing and going… Continue reading the loneliness of healing

I am healing

I have gotten or I am getting to the root. Sometimes it feels worse than being unconscious. But I trust it. I trust my own wisdom and my body’s wisdom about healing and my future. I see and feel my future self. She is wise, grounded, compassionate, non-reactive. She is unbothered and when a trigger… Continue reading I am healing

Sh*t my yoga teacher says

Life: it’s the only game in town and no one gets out alive. The cycle of life: we are born, we grow old and we die. Do you know what happens when you get what you want? Absolutely nothing! Yoga is all about taking responsibility for ourselves. We have no one to blame but ourselves.… Continue reading Sh*t my yoga teacher says